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Cloudflare Apps (2019): Most Downloaded DevOps solution

Never go down again, even if your website stops responding.

If your servers go offline, Edgy keeps you up and informed by displaying a page of your choice and delivering timely alerts via email. See the demo.

Plus, on-demand maintenance mode for your planned downtime.

Edgy displays a maintenance page on any part your domain in one click. When its time to do maintenance, choose the part of your site to take down and keep the rest online. See the demo.


Stay online so you can focus on more important things. One-click maintenance mode and downtime notifications.

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Learn about route-based maintenance mode


Offload your uptime infrastructure onto Edgy so you can focus on more important things.

Unlimited ConfigurationsWant to enable maintenance on multiple routes? Set up as many as you need.
Intuitive UISet up Edgy in a few minutes with our easy to use user interface
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Maintenance ModeEnable maintenance mode on-demand on your entire website or select routes when you need it.
Empower your teamDevelopers need access to a website to fix it. Bypass maintenance mode with password and IP address-based whitelists to get back online fast.
Achieve 100% uptimeYour site will always appear online to visitors even when your site is down.
Never Go DownDisplay a page of your choice and recieve timely alerts via email when your website becomes unresponsive.
Bring your own templatesAlready have a maintenance mode page? Use it with Edgy or choose from a variety of built-in templates.


Discover how Edgy keeps you online in these byte-sized lessons.


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Never go down again!Unlimited route configurationsSchedulable maintenance modeIP/Password-based bypassesFlexible template engine


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